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    Custom LED Signs in Fairfield

    While working at your side every step of the way, our experts can design, manufacture, install, and maintain your electric signs, helping you attract more customers or clients. Need inspiration? Our talented designers will help you create the perfect electric signage for your space.

    Contact Sign Design Inc today to learn more about our electric sign services or schedule a free consultation!

    Electric Signs

    Highlight Your Business

    When it’s time to highlight your business, look no further than the electric sign experts at Sign Design Inc in Norwalk. Meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, our state- of-the-art electric signs are an impactful way to showcase your brand and give your business a competitive edge. Our electric signs are illuminated using energy-efficient LED lighting, making them both a budget and eco-friendly choice.

    Benefits of installing our electric signs at your business include:

    • Increased visibility and brand recognition
    • Cost-effective advertising solution
    • Ability to display dynamic and eye-catching content
    • 24/7/365 promotion of your products and services
    • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

    Sign Design Inc can customize your electric signs in numerous ways, including different sizes and shapes, colors and fonts, motion graphics and animations, digital display integration, custom designs and logos, and more. The LED lights we use are sourced from some of the leading brands in the industry, including Handley LED Lighting, Sloan & Principal LED, ensuring their longevity and performance